Unique selection of Guest Houses in Dubai

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Heritage Dubai Hotels is proud to offer guests the Heritage Collection of three remarkably preserved Guest Houses and one four star hotel in Dubai that will delight and astound visitors from near and far. Designated as historical architectural treasures by the Dubai Municipality Heritage Department, over the last ten years the Heritage Collection houses have been carefully and delicately restored to preserve their Arabian essence, while also catering to the needs for modern technology and facilities required by the most discerning and experienced business and leisure travelers, providing service excellence, traditional hospitality, exquisite amenities and experience inspired by Arabian Hospitality.

Each of our hotels has its own unique identity and characteristics, yet they are all united by a shared approach and laser-like focus on guest satisfaction and ensuring that we deliver an experience that is above and beyond what guests normally expect of a hotel. Our flair for design and style is accompanied by a commitment to comfort and wellbeing, generating cherished moments and experiences that live on in the memory far after departure.

In spite of dramatic developments and hi-tech options in the city, there are several organizations that prefer their visitors and Executives to explore and experience the traditional way of meeting, training and arrange workshops. We welcome them with the scent of Bakhour to temporarily set the mood from the present era to the good old times and offer traditional local coffee and dates to compliment the Arabian hospitality.

Unique guest houses which skillfully merge the traditions and aesthetic of a bygone era with a 21st century environment, providing a genuine experience and better understanding of the region and culture as they preserve and represent the true values of local tradition and customs. Please take a closer look at our hotels and all of the extensive range of services and facilities we provide before making a booking at the lowest online rates here on the official website of Heritage Dubai Hotels.